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Manufacturer: GTO
GTO SW2002XLS Kit with a FREE GTO PRO F310 Wireless Digital Keypad
GTO SW2002XLS Kit with a FREE GTO PRO F310 Wireless Digital Keypad

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL PROMOTION: Purchase Includes A Free GTO PRO F310 Wireless Digital Keypad

GTO PRO SW2002XLS Kit will operate a double swing gate up to 500 lbs. maximum OR 16 ft. per leaf. Includes Master Operator arm, Slave Operator arm, AC transformer, 12 volt battery, Control box/control board, Receiver with 10 ft. cable, Mounting hardware, Installation/safety manual, Caution signs, Warning Beeper, Adjustable obstacle-reversing safety feature.

This system may qualify for the GTO Solar Tax Credit when purchased with a GTO solar panel. Click here to learn more.

GTO SW2002XLS PDF Manual


GTO RB741 / Mighty Mule FM135 Manual

GTO SW2000XLS / SW2002XLS Parts Diagram

GTO SW2000XLS / SW2002XLS Control Box Parts Diagram

KIT Includes:
  • Master Operator arm with 6 ft. power cable
  • Slave Operator arm with 32 ft. power cable
  • 1 RB741 Remote
  • 1 FREE GTO F310 (FM137) wireless keypad
  • AC transformer
  • 12 volt battery
  • Control box/control board
  • Receiver with 10 ft. cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation/safety manual
  • Caution signs.
  • Warning Beeper
  • Adjustable obstacle-reversing safety feature
Please see SPEC SHEET for new and improved weight/length/cycle guide

  • 2 Year (RESIDENTIAL application)
  • Class I, II, III, IV
  • System Certified with UL325
  • The GTO PRO control board can be programmed for pull to open or push-to-open.
  • Operating temp -5 F (-21C) to +160 F (71 C).
  • Opening time: From 18 to 20 seconds.
  • Range of arm stroke: is up to 13˝ (33 cm).
  • Operator length: with arm fully retracted is 33.75˝ (85.2 cm), mounting point to mounting point.
  • Operation, diagnostic and safety alarms,
  • Inherent obstruction sensing.
  • Soft start/soft stop—for long mechanical life expectancy.
  • Auto close adjustable 3–120 seconds delay.
  • 12 Volt DC / 7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable battery (included).
  • Battery charge is maintained by a 120V AC/60 Hz input and 18V AC at 40 VA. output
  • transformer rectified to 14V DC through control board
  • Powered by a reliable 12 Volt (120 Watt) DC motor, 16:1 planetary gear drive system.
  • Charging regulated circuit on control board.
  • “Sleep draw” is 15 mA;
  • “active draw” is 2 to 5 amps.
Additional Remotes Do Not Add Any Additional Remotes
1 Additional GTO RB741 Remote (+$19.00)
2 Additional GTO RB741 Remote (+$38.00)
3 Additional GTO RB741 Remote (+$57.00)
Price: $859.00

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