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Manufacturer: BFT
BFT Deimos BT Dual Residential Slide Gate Operator Kit
BFT Deimos BT Dual Residential Slide Gate Operator Kit

BFT Deimos BT Dual Residential Slide Gate Operator Kit

BFT Deimos BT Dual Residential Slide Gate Operator Kit For Applications And Gates Up To 1100 LBS. & 75 ft. in length per gate. Kit Includes 2 Operators, 2 Control Boards, 2 Receivers, 2 Transmitters (2 CH.), 2 Pair of Photocells & 1 Interface board for master / slave applications. UL Listed!!

Deimos Kits are pre-packed at factory, each box containing one pair of photocells. This application may not require 2 pairs and therefore can be used as a replacement or spare.

The Dual Deimos Kit requires a Serial Connection Interface Model BFT- # P111468-B-EBA (included) to make the Deimos operators work together.

You Can Also Add Additional Remotes, Battery Back-ups & Nylon Racks.
ADD 1 Piece Of Rack Model ROA6 for every 3.3 feet of gate!

BFT Deimos Kit Installation Manual

BFT Deimos Kit Specs

BFT Deimos Kit Quick Reference Guide

BFT Deimos Kit Spanish Quick Reference Guide


  • 24 Vdc operators
  • Pedestrian access
  • Great versatility and extreme safety
  • Includes 2 TRC2 double-channel rolling code transmitters
  • Electronic antisquash device
  • Manual emergency release - knob also available with customized key
  • Operator size: (11H x 10W x 7 D) with incorporated control board & built in receiver
  • Solar compatible with BFT unique ECOSOL system (sold separately)
  • Includes Interface board for master / slave applications
  • Smoothly & quietly opens & closes gates up to 1100 lbs & 75 in length per gate.
  • Irreversible (cannot slide gate manually when motor is engaged)
  • Rated up to 100 open and closings per day
  • Adjustable slow down on both opening and closing
  • Inherent obstruction detection system for maximum safety
  • Control unit programming by LCD display
  • Easy manual release handle in case of power failure
  • In case of power supply failure, operation is guaranteed by a back up battery unit (SB BAT) inside the motor casing (sold separately)
  • For larger gates inquire about the Icaro Fast capable of opening and closing gates up to 2200 lbs.


Operator DEIMOS BT
Single-phase power supply 120 V ± 10%, 60Hz
Motor 24 Vdc
Absorbed power 70 W
Max. leaf weight 1,100 lb (500 Kg)
Output revolutions 79 min-1
Pitch 4 mm (14 teeth)
Leaf Speed 40 ft/min (12m/min)
Impact reaction electronic torque limiter
Manual release mechanical release with knob
Control panel QSC
Type of limit switch electromechanical or inductive
Environmental conditions from 5°F to 140°F (-15° to +60°C)
Degree of protection IP 24

Product Description:

The Italian manufactured BFT brand of residential sliding gate automations are available ex stock with more than 10 models to suit all sizes and weights of residential gates. Easy to install.

Easy access to internal components during installation and maintenance. Optional battery back-up. QSC - Control panel includes the receiver and has the following functions: 2 or 4 step functioning logic, pedestrian access, 2nd radio channel, photocell cut-out on opening, impulse block opening, automatic closing time, separate adjustment of drive torque limiter during opening and closing phases, operation time adjusted by timer.

Regarding Chain Link Fence Applications:

The Deimos can be used with a chain link fence when tight controls are held.

  • The gate needs to be made with horizontal and vertical support other than the main frame. This will keep the gate from twisting and will keep the rack and the pinion in close tolerance.
  • Use of a v track on the ground is also recommended this will keep the gate moving in a straight direction.
  • Top rollers or wheels will also be recommended to keep the relationship of the rack to the pinion coherent.
  • The environment for rack and pinion needs to be smooth and level



Additional Remotes No, don't want additional remotes
1 Additional BFT Mitto 02 - Remote Control (+$26.99)
2 Additional BFT Mitto 02 - Remote Control (+$53.98)
3 Additional BFT Mitto 02 - Remote Control (+$80.97)
Add Battery Back Up Kit No, dont want to add a battery back-up
1 BFT SBBAT Battery Back-Up Kit (+$145.00)
2 BFT SBBAT Battery Back-Up Kit (+$290.00)
Price: $1,014.00

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