FAS SLIDECH300BBUP Slide Gate Opener


The FAS-SLIDECH300BBUP Chain-driven Gate Operator is capable of moving gates up to 20Ft and 600Lbs, it comes with built in receiver and included two 4 channel remote control transmitters. It has a soft start-soft stop technology and electronic limit switches. Built in multiple interfaces for photocell, solar, external button, etc and manual key release for emergency purposes. In case of power of failure, the operator will be powered by a 24VDC, 1.3Ah backup battery included.

Electrical Specifications are:
• Power Supply: 110VAC
• Maximum gate weight: 600Lbs
• Maximum gate width: 20Ft
• Motor: 24VDC 100W
• Output torque: Max. 8N•m
• Work duty: S2 30min
• Limit switch: Electronic Limit
• Gate Move speed: 12m/min
• Remote control range: ≥30 meters
• Extra remote control: 20
• Frequency: 433.92 MHz
• Noise: ≤60 dB
• Working temperature: -20ºC ~ +50ºC
• Extra Battery: 24V 1.3 Ah
• 20 ft. of Chain

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How does a battery work?


There are a lot of different kinds of batteries, but they all function based on the same underlying concept. “A battery is a device that is able to store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy, and convert that energy into electricity.

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HySecurity SwingSmart DC20 Swing Gate Opener


The HySecurity SwingSmart DC20 swing gate operator is a very reliable operator able to move gate leafs of up to 1,300 lbs with no issues whatsoever. It has a built in battery backup system that can give you up to 300 cycles of use in the event of a power failure. The smart controller and LCD screen is a breeze to program and troubleshoot in case of malfunction. This unit would also be of great value in areas where power surges or lightning strikes are prevalent as the board has great built in surge protection. You can even connect with your laptop to download and upload information on the board.

And like all the HySecurity products, they are built with care in the USA.

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and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Omnidirectional Antennas


An omnidirectional antenna is a wireless transmitting or receiving antenna that radiates or intercepts radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields equally well in all horizontal directions in a flat, two-dimensional (2D) geometric plane. Omnidirectional antennas are used in most consumer RF wireless devices, including cellular telephone sets and wireless routers.

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FAS-J Slide 300 BBU Slide gate opener with battery backup comes in two different models, chain driven and rack and pinion (Pictured Above). The chain driven model works with a chain that is placed across the gate leaf and the operator pulls it open or pushes it closed when the chain runs through the gears. These small operators are rated for 500LBS and 20’ wide gates. They are the best option for the very affordable price point that we have them on our web site. They have also proven to be very reliable in years of use.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Gate Operators!


If you’re in the market for a new gate motor (Also known as a gate operator or gate opener) then look no further! As our name implies, we specialize in offering gate openers of all types and brands.

Swing Gate Operators
For those of you with a swing gate, take a look at our swing gate operators from brands Elite, Liftmaster, Apollo, BFT, Doorking, Eagle, FAAC, GTO, SEA and NICE.

As you’ll see, we have a wide variety of brands to choose from so we’re sure you’ll find the right gate operator for the job.

Slide Gate Operators

If it’s a slide gate you’re looking for, check out our slide gate operator selection of models from brands: Elite, Liftmaster, FAS, BFT, Doorking, Eagle, GTO, Linear, SEA and NICE.

Parking Barriers
Interested in a parking barrier? We’ve got you covered there as well! We sell parking barrier gates from Magnetic Autocontrol, Liftmaster, Elite, BFT, FAAC, NICE & Hy-Security.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-730-8382 with any questions you might have regarding any of the gate operators and parking barrier products we carry. We’re here to help make sure the process of purchasing your gate opener is as smooth as possible!

Access Control Devices


It’s easy to forget that Access Control devices integral to the proper functioning of a security as they provide the means by which you gain access to your property. Access control devices come in many shapes, sizes and applications for your security projects and include: Keypads, Telephone Entry Systems, Proximity Card Readers, Turnstiles, Remote Control Transmitters, Traffic Spikes and Speed Bumps and Fingerprint Readers.

Regardless of your security application, you will need a means to securely gain access to restricted areas on your property. Depending on your circumstances and budget your options of Access Control devices will vary but they all essentially serve the same purpose and just use different means to accomplish it.

For a look at the different types of Access Control devices available to you from GateMotors.net, please browse our site and for any questions you might have, please give us a call toll-free at: 1-800-730-8382 and we’ll guide you in the right direction!

What type of traffic do you need to restrict?


In this post we will discuss one of the questions a buyer should ask themselves when considering purchasing a gate operator, which is: What type of traffic do I need to restrict?

The type of traffic you wish to control plays a big part in determining the type of operator you’ll need. Are you trying to control the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic?

Vehicular Traffic
In the case of controlling vehicular traffic, a Barrier Gate Operator is your best bet as a barrier gate’s boom is raised and lowered to grant or deny access to vehicles. If you’re looking to restrict pedestrian traffic, a barrier gate won’t be effective as a pedestrian can easily move around or below the boom to gain access to your property.

Pedestrian Traffic
If you’re looking to restrict pedestrian (as well as vehicular traffic) traffic on your property you’ll have to consider installing a Swing Gate Operator or a Slide Gate Operator depending on what your property will accommodate.

As their names imply, a swing gate operator manipulates a swing gate by swing it on a hinge to allow or restrict access to a property. A slide gate operator on the other hand manipulates a slide gate along a track horizontally to achieve the same goal of granting or restricting access to your property.

The type of gate operator you choose will depend on a few factors that you’ll have to take into consideration when choosing the type of operator you need to fulfill your needs. For help on figuring out the type of operator you’ll need to implement your security project, please give us a call at GateMotors.net @ 1-800-730-8382 and we’ll be more than happy to guide you along the process.

Residential Slide Gate Openers

It figures, you run back from the car to close the gate and the dog runs out. Now you have to sprint all over the neighborhood after Fido and you are already late for work.

If only there was a way you could slam the gate shut without having to get out of the car to do so? But there is! Residential slide openers from Gatemotors will help you shut them with your eyes closed. Of course, making sure that your house is secured isn’t the only benefit of the residential gate openers.

A gate opener does not refer to the remote control that opens the gate but the motor assembly that can be activated by a timer or remote control. The signals from the remote trigger the gate into sliding open and shut from a distance.

Give Crime the Boot

Almost every criminal knows how to pick a lock. Do you really want to put your family at risk? Install a residential slide gate opener and keep burglars away. No criminal will be able to access your property.  Each gate opener comes with a factory warranty as well.

Why Slide Gates?

A swinging gate is cumbersome to say the least, especially since it cannot be installed in closed spaces. How much are you going to back up the car to slide open the gate? A residential slide gate opener is convenient since it slides sideways on a track. No high winds will buffet a sliding door closed. A gate that swings indoors is sure to slam shut in bad weather.

Highest Level of Safety

Do you have children? There is no telling when a toddler might toddle to the gate after you. A residential slide gate opener will ensure that your kids never have any accidents when you are about to shut the gate. The self locking motor will also ensure that there are no break-ins while you are away as well.


Residential sliding doors are manufactured according to strict guidelines and are also tested and certified. This ensures the highest standards in quality and production.

Stay Dry

In rainy weather that is. How often have you been soaked to the skin to open the gate to your property and run back to the car? An automatic slide gate opener will open the gate for you and protect you from the elements at the same time.

Find a gate opener that is suited for your own needs from Gatemotors.

Electric Gate Openers

There is no doubting the security that electric gate openers provide. How convenient is it to make the front gate of your commercial or residential property slide or swing shut on its own when it is snowing out. In this way, you secure your property AND prevent your car seat from getting wet. Of course, not every type of gate opener might be suitable for your particular situation. So without further ado, let’s see the type of electric gate openers that you can use .

Types of Electric Gate Openers

Sliding Gate Openers

As the name implies these particular types of electric gate openers work by sliding open at the push of a button. The sliding variety also prevents the doors from banging against anything. This is also what makes them ideally suited for commercial use.

In-ground Electric Gate Opener

As the name implies, an in-ground gate opener is installed under a gate. It works by automatically moving the pivot point of each gate. Since the opener is installed out of sight it also offers a cosmetic convenience.

However an in-ground gate opener is mostly recommended for domestic or low abuse environments since it opens the door by manipulating the hinge.

A History

The very first commercial electric gate systems were hydraulic. Their basic design was to provide reliability and ease of use. This is also what makes the hydraulic variety ideal for commercial heavy duty gates. One of the reasons is that these gates produce a high amount if torque without using too much energy or stressing out the electric gate operator. And this is exactly what makes them more cost effective.

Hydraulic gates also come in the sliding variety. Take the Liftmaster HS670 as an example. The gate opener is designed to work for both sliding and swinging doors. In fact, its rugged design and strength can operate a gate that is 80 feet long and weighs 3000 pounds. Since the electric gate opener works through a hydraulic system it has fewer working parts, is durable, requires less maintenance and can last for longer as well.

The opener also comes with a hydraulic braking system, gate speeds of 18 inches per second, a pad mount and other notable features that make it a favorite for customers who want to use it to secure their commercial properties.  The fact that it also comes with a warranty is another reason why it is one our most prized product.

For more info on the history of gate openers, please see their Wikipedi page here.